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Adding Operating Rules for Bank Case

In addition to data modeling, the IBMS also provides facility for including inter- and intra-subject production rules. Two such rules are encountered in this case; that the automatic loan account "Checking Plus" may be overdrawn or a savings account exceeds the balance of $100,000, which is the maximum amount insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Company. The way IBMS would handle these rules is by incorporating them as inter-subject rules for the given context (Transaction). The two rules and their IBMS syntax are as follows:

Rule Syntax: IF [Expression] THEN [Action]

(a) If a "Checking Plus" account is overdrawn, charge $15.00 to the account and inform the customer.


(b) If a savings account exceeds the balance of $100,000, inform the customer.

IF (BALANCE > 100000) AND (ACCT-TYPE = "Savings") THEN Informto(CID);

To incorporate these rules in the system:

  • Click on the Context Transaction with the right mouse button.
  • Under the window "Rule List", click "Add".
  • In the Rule Builder window that pops up, check type "operational" for the rule and give it an appropriate name, for example, Checking Plus.
  • In the Edit Window, type the first rule as it is given above and click "OK".
  • Repeat for the second rule.

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