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Rensselaer's Metadatabase

Metadatabase TechnologyRensselaer's Metadatabase technology is a unique, scale-able, and adaptable database featuring a four-dimensional, intelligent user interface that can integrate LANs, WANs, and mainframes into a cohesive, enterprise-wide system. The Metadatabase technology gives decision makers search, update, and system management access to the global Metadatabase computing environment at any distance and from any system.               

State of Current Technology

Current commercial and private database systems are not adequate to meet the demands of a widely distributed and heterogeneous computing environment. Available technology is limited to:      

  • Search and modification capabilities within a Local Area Network (LAN);      
  • Information exchange across Wide Area Networks (WANs) only through file transfer using fixed, predetermined processes and configuration;      
  • Inflexible architecture unsuited to adding new computing environments or clustering with other systems.               

Research Support

The Metadatabase has been developed at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute under the sponsorship of IBM, Digital, GE, GM, Alcoa, the NSF, and Samsung. From 1995 through fiscal year 1997, the Metadatabase will be funded through a Joint Director's of Laboratories' Army contract to develop a custom solution for Army computerized communications. This effort involves a pilot project at Anniston Army Depot. Benefits from the installation include:      

  • Reducing Depot/Arsenal communication efforts by a minimum of 10%,     
  • Enable managerial control over regional and heterogeneous information systems to improve logistical responsiveness,   
  • Facilitate any future logistics re-engineering and reliability enhancement at a cost reduction,     
  •  Leverage on efforts at Samsung Electronics Corporation to adopt the Metadatabase model               

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