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The Object Oriented Hospital Case

In this example, eight object-oriented subjects are modeled using the TSER-methodology. The eight subjects and their data items are listed below.

  • Object: Patient (P#, Pname, Address)
  • Object: Surgeon (S#, Sname)
  • Object: Date-Surg (Dates) -- dates has a data type Date.
  • Object: Date (Date-structure) --Date-structure: mm-dd-yy.
  • Object: Drug (Drug-name, side-effect).
  • Object: Surgery (P#, S#, Date-Surg, Surg, PSA-Drug.
    • Partial Inheritance from Patient (P#), Surgeon (S#)
    • Full Inheritance from Date-Surg
    • PSA-Drug is defined by Drug
    • (Method) Report: Select * as from Patient, Surgeon, Drug, Date-Surg, Surgery (this object class)
  • Object: Outpatient-Surgery (rate) -- Full inheritance from Surgery.
  • Object: Inpatient-Surgery (Length-of-stay) -- Full inheritance from Surgery.

Example Files and Images

  • The sample SER and OER files.
  • The SER and OER diagram examples.

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