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Manufacturing Information Integration Using A Reference Model


Virtual corporations, enterprise re-engineering, and adaptive/agile manufacturing are all new concepts based on the accomplishments of integrated manufacturing of the past decade. The new manufacturing enterprises are characterized by ability to effect flexible re-configuration of resources, shorter cycle times and quick response to customer demands. Information is a key factor in transcending physical barriers and imparting the enterprise-oriented agility and adaptivenss to organizations. Toward this end, a theory-based reference model for information integration is needed in manufacturing enterprises. This paper employs the paradigm of parallel formulation as the reference model and demonstrates how it is used to guide the planning for information integration. The model provides both a detailed data and task analysis of manufacturing functions and their interactions, and guidelines for regrouping tasks into parallel processes and thereby achieving a high level of global integration. Describes a case study for the model, conducted on the existing CIM model at Rensselaer to evaluate and reformulate the previous processes The results show a better design featuring concurrent execution of functions which in turn support agility and adaptiveness.


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