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A Rulebase Management System Using Conceptual Rule Modeling

Conceptual Modeling is a fundamental concept in information management. Although originated in the theory and practice of databases, its significance as a guiding principle reaches all areas of information integration efforts dealing with heterogeneous uses. In the field of knowledge-based system, an emerging need is for expert system shells to be able to manage triggers that change frequently and to support heterogeneous applications which use the same rulebase simultaneously but in different ways. A conceptual schema is clearly in order for this new capability. In addition, it is central to integrating databases with knowledge bases as well as providing interoperability to multiple (heterogeneous and distributed) knowledge-based systems.

This paper presents a rulebase management system (RBMS) featuring a conceptual schema. The model of the conceptual schema is developed using the Two-Stage Entity-Relationship approach, which is compatible with most common methods and requires only standard data and rules processing technology to implement. The architecture and execution model of RBMS are discussed in details. Its specific implementation design is applicable to managing rules both in the usual rule-based systems and in the systems where rules are embedded into objects or entities. The processing methods are verified with a prototype, which is also discussed in this paper. The RBMS design is being implemented for Samsung Electronics Corporation.


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